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20210331_The Black Violin_Edward W. Hardy_Guy Rabut
20210331_The Black Violin_Edward W. Hardy_Guy Rabut
Our Mission

Core Values

Initiative and Persistence

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Community Leadership

Creativity and Productivity

Unique Flamboyance

“Music is … A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy”

Ludwig van Beethoven

Organizational Philosophy Statement

We create a safe space and empower each other through the powerful music of our ancestors. 

We shine a light on the importance and impact BIPOC artists made on music; classical music, jazz, rock, pop, soundtrack music, and its accompanying culture.

We seek to share our love and acceptance of music with everyone, especially those who feel underrepresented, and advocate for more representation and equality in other music organizations. 

We seek to enrich the communities that may or may not have a musical culture.

The Omnipresent Music Festival acts as an answer to the stigma "can BIPOC artists perform at a high level, like their European counterparts, that doesn't only include Jazz or Pop?".

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