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About The Festival

The Omnipresent Music Festival is a new music festival that showcases the historical significance of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) professional musicians and composers while entertaining communities and inspiring our youth with captivating musical performances that span all genres of music. This extraordinary five-day multigenre music festival will take place in the heart of New York City and feature acclaimed musicians who have trained at some of the most prestigious music conservatories, universities, and schools from around the world.

20210331_The Black Violin_Edward W. Hardy_Guy Rabut
20210331_The Black Violin_Edward W. Hardy_Guy Rabut

Bridging the Gap between Classical & Pop Music


Our Mission

Omnipresent Music Festival connects and supports professional BIPOC musicians of all musical genres, and we inspire communities through captivating and unique musical storytelling.

"We believe musicians on stage should reflect all communities, in the programming of music, and especially in academia. This new music festival aims to promote diversity and be an example for our youth."

Edward W. Hardy, Founder & Artistic Director

LotusCMC w.Carolina Sitting.jpg

Our Vision

Omnipresent Music Festival aims to be a multi-faceted resource primarily for classical-pop BIPOC musicians and a source of inspiration, engagement, and empowerment for our communities.

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